The benefits of window film for OFFICE BUILDINGS, SCHOOLS and COLLEGES

  • Solar heat reduction
  • Glare reduction
  • UV protection
  • Increased privacy
  • Increased security
  • Added comfort

Heat Reduction

Modern buildings have large areas of glass, the solar heat build-up can be unbearable during the summer months, using a solar control window film applied to the glazing can greatly reduce the heat coming into a room.

We have a vast range of window films which can give a total solar energy reduction of up to 86% depending on the glazing system in place.  We will arrange a site visit to check the glazing system and can then advise on which film would be best for your requirements.  Reducing the heat build up in an office or classroom will help to increase concentration levels and create a better working environment.  An added benefit is helping to save you money on your energy bills.

During the summer keeping a building cool using air-conditioning is an expensive commodity. However, applying the correct film to a building can reduce interior heat build up caused by the sun. If the building is cooler the air-conditioning units will not have to work so hard, therefore reducing the energy needed to run them and reducing your energy bills.

Commercial - reduce glare

Reduce Glare

Glare caused by the sun can be an issue at any time of the year, especially if you work on computer screens, Window film can greatly reduce the glare helping to elevate this problem.  Having spoken to an employer after we have finished the film install he was sure it would help his workforce to be more efficient.

Glare from the sun can also cause issue in other working areas, The image of the swimming pool is at Riversmeet Sports centre in Gillingham Dorset,

The problem they were having was that the lifeguards we having to deal with a huge amount of glare bouncing up off the waters surface.  This was making their jobs of keeping vigilant difficult. We applied a 07% solar control film which reduced the suns glare by 94% solving the problem.

UV Protection

The suns harmful UV can travel through glass and be dangerous to people who spend a lot of time sat near to glass, typically students and office workers. All the window films we use have a UV inhibitor built into the film which will reduce the UV levels to around 1%.

Did you know?

Llumar window film has achieved a seal of recommendation by The British Skin Foundation for their AU85% clear window film.

From personal experience, I have tinted many vehicles and buildings with this film for people who suffer from UV intolerance. The difference this film can make to someone’s everyday life is amazing.

The sun’s harmful UV rays can cause damage to office furniture and floorings and soft furnishings. These items can prove costly to replace. But with window film you can reduce these harmful UV rays by more than 99%. This will help to protect items from fading and bleaching.

Commercial - privacy


There are many reasons for installing privacy films these can include:

  • People walking by an office or a school classroom and staring in distracting the occupants.
  • Business owners wanting to protect goods from prying eyes, like server rooms, valuables and stock.
  • Bosses wanting to keep an eye on the workforce.
  • To hide an ugly view out of a window.
  • We can achieve all these with either mirror, very dark or frosted films.


Glazing is a weak part of any building. It has long been a favourite entry point for a would-be-intruder. Security film will greatly strengthen the glass to make entry more difficult to the intruder, helping to protect your business from theft.

The same film can also be used for glazed areas within your building where you get high volumes of ‘people traffic’ or footfall. This will help prevent injury from flying glass due to an impact or accident, keeping your workforce and customers safe.

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Want a quote?

For a specialist quote in window tinting, using window film on residential/commercial windows; cars; conservatories to protect from harmful UV rays contact us now

Want a quote?

For a specialist quote in window tinting, using window film on residential/commercial windows; cars; conservatories to protect from harmful UV rays contact us now.