BIG News….. Legal front window tint !!!!!!!!!!!

Window tinting on front windows of car has been illegal for many years.  Llumar have now developed a new window film that will conform to the Uk tinting laws.

The new LLumar AU85UVSRH Automotive film.
89% VLT (visual light transmission)making it legally suitable for fitment on front side windows.
Exclusively approved by the British Skin Foundation.
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Scientific research shows that drivers are especially vulnerable on the window side of their bodies, where they are exposed to harmful UVA rays through side windows in cars, which are typically unprotected.
Prevent Premature Ageing and Skin Cancer:
Damage from certain kinds of ultraviolet rays is cumulative.These rays called UVA rays, penetrate deep into the skin and can silently accelerate the ageing process, cause wrinkles and even skin cancer. Unlike UVB rays, which create immediate effects like blistering and burns, UVA rays create long-term damage that is not immediately noticeable.That’s why many people don’t realise their skin is getting damaged from sitting near windows in cars. LLumar automotive window film offers protection LLumar’s contribution to sun protection is now recognized by The British Skin Foundation as especially valuable to prevent sun induced skin damage.