Whitehorse tints based in Wiltshire specialise in the reduction of heat and glare build up in offices and commercial buildings. By installing window film to the windows will greatly reduce the heat and glare build up making a more comfortable environment to work in.

An office environment can become a very unpleasant place to be on a hot summers day, with the sun beating through the windows.  People who work on computers find it very difficult to see the screens in direct sunlight.

Shop fronts and reception area are particularly venerable areas to solar heat gain.

Having worked on projects  from a small conservatory used as an office for someone working from home, to large office buildings, schools and colleges. Whitehorse Tints believe there is a film for every situation to help reduce the solar problems in the working environment.  Call us free on 01373 824073 to see how we can help create a better place to work in.

The picture below is a reception on a college.  We installed an exterior window film because of the glass type, but most installs are carried out on the inside of the windows. The film used  is a 20% light transmission film a medium depth product, the reason we used this film is to maintain a good level of natural day light, whilst reducing the glare by 72% and giving a solar energy reduction of 64%. Providing the staff a more pleasant place to work in. Darker films will give a higher percentage but that will depend on the glass type.